TOURISM in india is one of the most growing sector. Currently, it provides about 8% GDP to the nation which is only expanding year-on-year.

Currently, the covid-19 crisis has hampered the industry. With the nation-wide lockdown spanning for more than 5 months, sales and revenue fell drastically.

in order to give a boost to already struggling economy, Government should take some steps to re-boost this sector

  1. Provide a economic passage in upcoming budget to help struggling firms/hotel chains.
  2. Tourism circuits needs to be created across the nation- currently the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with Ministry of Culture had started TOURISM CIRCUITS focusing upon the BUDDHIST– SUFI– CHARDHAM YATRA circuits
  3. Focus to promote it on international scale
  4. Campaigns like INCREDIBLE INDIA should be re-vitalised
  5. State should promote the sector- Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerela and Gujrat have invested a lot in order to boost the sector
  6. E-visa facility should be improved
  7. Govt. website and support system should be re-designed
  8. Crimes should be reduced/ adequate police patrolling can help
  9. Women guides should be there at all historical monuments
  10. Medical tourism/ Eco tourism should be boosted

Hence, there should be re-energised effort which should be undertaken in order to built a well-renowned tourism sector in the country