Lionel Messi is probably the greatest football player who has ever played this beautiful sport. His career at FC Barcelona has now spanned with more than 22 years. The 33 year old Argentine was struggling to get into his prime form since the season started due to the controversy of his intention of leaving Barcelona. However the club reluctance to let their superstar leave disappointed the No. 10 player . Messi was no shy in showing his disappointment over how the club handled the Luis Suarez departure from the club to rival Atletico Madrid. Since then, Messi felt short over the goal and with him, Barcelona suffered. They lost against Real Madrid and Atletico which led the La Liga giants to struggle at middle of the table. However, Messi performance against Athletico Bilabao showed that he still has desire to win big at Barcelona which cheered his fans. His connection with Pedri, De Jong and Dembele is what fans are hoping to materialise. Barca has a big game to play in Feburary champions league match against PSG where he will be against his former team player Neymar.

We’ll see how things out to be and will Messi leave his beloved club for somewhere else