The Speaker of Lok Sabha is considered as the pilot of the ship who drives the agenda of the house, control its mandate and ensure effective co-ordination and smooth functioning of the Lower house of Parliamnet.

However, time and again, questions have been raised on integrity and effectiveness of the post of speaker, considering the effective role played by government in power to select him/her.

Many believe, that this lead to bi-partisanship in the functioning and leads to Agenda based politics which is not good for the largest democracy in the world.

Will Speaker post being permanent ensure its effective functioning?

1) It will lead to autonomy/independence in the post

2) It will ensure that all the agendas in the house are listened to effectively and criticism of the government will be possible

3) Speaker post is merely being considered as Yes Sir, which should not be the case in country like india

4) The recent farm laws act were passed without much debate and discussions. Such events make citizens trust less the government machinery

5) Nations like UK follow such act whereby after becoming the speaker, the member has to resign from his current party in order to ensure independence and integrity

Such examples can be followed here as well.