The Union Government in 2019 decided to amend the provisions of RTI Act which is heralded as giving power at the hands of citizens to question the government and private machinery.

Amendments to the Bill
  1. Union Government will now decide the condition of service for the poet of Chief information commissioner and other Information commissioner from time to time.
  2. The tenure of their serving and salary will also be decided by the government.

many claim this to be as directly intervening in the independence of the RTI.

Salary/ condition of service is what essentially gave powers to RTI machinery. Now it can be used as a tool by the Government from protecting itself and using it at its whims and fancies

The government had even brought about the Bill in complete secrecy and there have been no public consultations on the Bill, which will have a negative impact on the fundamental right to information of the citizens of the country.

Why RTI is Important

  1. It has been citizens empowered
  2. it has been used by Citizens, Journalists, social activists to bring out inefficiency and maladministration at various fields
  3. last year more than 60 lakh cases were filed in it
  4. Adarsh society scam, Commonwealth scam was uncovered with its help.

Only time will tell whether RTI is being to protect itself or will soon turn out be a law in dangerous domain.