In an unexpected turn of events, the indian side dominated the Aussies and held the match for a draw in which chances of Australian side winning was more than 95% at the start of Day 5.

India lost Gill and Rohit at the end of Day 4 and with just 8 wickets in hand, the Aussies were in all command of the game. With the early wicket of skipper the match seemed to be lost. However Rishab Pant And C. Pujara held onto their nerves and gave a much needed solid partnership.

All was not done as within 5 overs, both Pant and Pujara went back to pavilion. With the coming of Ashwin it seemed liked india could manage to get a respectable score. But as luck favours the bold, Both Ashwin and Vihari faced the best Aussies bowlers for 30+ overs. Both the batsman had suffered serious brusies with Vihari injuring his hamstring.

Today, india rewrites History at Sydney cricket Ground. Their firm determination and focus led to the draw which was very well suited for india. Despite every effort of Australian side to sledge, mock the players, they showed what the Indian cricket team is all about- It never seizes to amaze you