Has WHO failed its biggest task of 21st c. in handling the pandemic around the world? With more than 90+ million cases, the world is still being ravaged by the deadly virus which is spreading from last one year. The Wuhan virus was not reported by the Chinese authorities at first and then WHO discredited its spreading in H-H transmission.

In a sudden weak, WHO called the virus as international pandemic and urged state governments to take caution.

📍 The pandemic has led to recession in many big nations like Japan, it has caused tremendous damage to state economies and jobs being lost. Unorganised sector is hardest hit among these.
📍Approx. 2 million death has been reported worldwide till now

WHO, has clearly failed in this regard. It has not taken any measures to point out how the virus started from china and began to spread. It has remained silent on such issues. American President Donald Trump, accused WHO of being biased towards the CCP and even stopped the funding.

In today’s time, when multilateral institutions are on a decline and regional economic forums/trade blocs on a rise, such attitude and carelessness on part of WHO will further erosion nation-states trust towards it. This will only hamper the developments being done in removing rubella from S-E Asia, or treating Polio and Hepatitis in African regions.