In Just a matter of few hours, America will see it’s 46th President in form of Joe Biden. His emphatic win over Donald Trump and Chaos which prevailed over the elections have finally been laid to rest.

Biden had been waiting for this moments since decades and it’s his 3rd time lucky that he’s now going the be the President of the United States.

However, road doesn’t look good for the coming President. With policies of Donald trump, be it on trade issues with China, or nuclear deal with Iran, or Russia, 4 years ahead would be one of the most toughest and interesting in terms of Geo-Politics.

Questions have been raised over Biden preference to China and how he’s underestimating it’s rise on global scale. But seeing the current situations, Biden cannot be lenient with the communist regime. The world is now having a great Anti-China sentiment thanks to Donald Trump and Covid-19 Pandemic

The major challenges in coming time would be to handle the sugring corona cases in the USA, reviving the economy and making reliable partners like India feel more supportive in geo-politcal dynamics.

We hope, Biden and Harris will try to change the global disorders and their Partnership would be more credible and reliable for major nations across the world.