Talking to  my friend’s brother  I was amazed about the kind of nitty gritty person is having in the mind about life as a whole. He pondered for peace in isolation and socialistic phobic tendency .I was wondered about the level of learning which yogic unison gives after 60 or being 16 . Dialemma is the living and living of dialemma is the reality . Let your mental renaissance is greater than the birth of your physique beauty. Learning to appreciate the loner is the blessing .  That’s where u learned about the pandemics blessing in disguise

Reading the book of jaggi Vasudevan Inner Engineering I realised the world way beyond the maya dream. It’s a hallucination prospect where one is bestowed upon the vibes which is the result of karmaic evolutions.In this book while reading the paraphrase and essence of topics one realises the true reality of being in the universe . To be in the present is the realm.  To be in the past is the theme and to be in the future is a mayadream.   A book to know the humanself on other side of the fear.