After the historic win at Gabba last month, the momentum and confidence of the Indian cricket side was at all time high. Come 20 days and the host have lost against the English side which looked stronger and much more confident then the Indian side. What has led to it? Wrong team selection or captaincy issue?

Well surely this needs an introspection from the team management? Fans speculate that Indian side will surely bounce back but there needs to be questions asked. There has to be a change in starting 11 in next match. The middle order was not able to provide much in second innings. With best in-swings by Jimmy Anderson the batsmen had no answers to it and they could only manage to get a score of 192. What’s catching is the promising knock of Shubman Gill in both the innings. With little more experience, he will become a tremendous asset for India. Hope the Men in White bounce back much stronger in the second test match

Rating: 1 out of 5.