In what it seems to be a mockery of the judiciary of the country, the CJI Sharad Bodbe asked a Raped accused person whether he will marry that girl?

The man is accused of repeated rape charges against the girl and is a government employee. When the accused, represented by Advocate Anand Dilip Langde, replied that he had wanted to do so earlier but was married to someone else now, the apex court rejected his appeal. But the court gave him an interim protection of 4 weeks.

Such cases erode people’s trust in already Not so Popular judiciary of the country. Judges often let their personal bias rule over basic sense of dignity of a women. How can the topmost judge of the country can even think that a women could marry her rapist? “What would the CJI do if the same thing happened to someone close to him”, asked several Social Activist. “ Will he give the same judgement then”.

Several weeks back, A female judge gave verdict in POCSO case that if a man does not physically touch a girl/women, then he will not be booked under POCSO Act.

judiciary does need some sense in its functionality. Even an illiterate person cannot give a judgement like this.