On 23th January India’s PM Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated a virtual hologram of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at India Gate which will be replaced with a granite statue of one of most important freedom fighter of the country. Bose legacy has been duped in the pages of history with some claiming that it has been done deliberately to suit agendas of then dominant Indian National Congress.

Bose was an ardent nationalist who wanted freedom to be taken by any sorts. He arrived in Singapore on 2 July 1943, and in October, formally announced the establishment of the Provisional Government of Free India or the Azad Hind Fauj.

Bose role in the national movement and fight for independence has been given just few pages in NCERT’S textbook when clearly his role was much bigger than most of the other freedom fighters at that time. He travelled more than 35,000 km from Calcutta to Germany via Soviet Russia and then to Japan by submarine just for the sake of raising a military counter-attack on Great Britain.

Bose wanted that india should be govern by a single person for 20 years in order to stabilise the nation after independence. He knew that democratic system would have bad effect on nascent nation like ours. This seemed to be correct as the nation failed to develop holistically after independence and we saw rise of Militant extremism in some parts of the country. Even today we see urban naxals and outfits who want to break up the country in many pieces. Had it been Bose as first leader of the country, we could have seen much more unity and strength within the country.

Bose role was systematically removed as he was first forced to resign as president of INC and he was systematically sidelined from congress activity. The other leaders were fearing his rising popularity and wanted to suppress it.

When the WW2 came to an end, Bose INA also surrendered. They were expected to get enrolled in the army and given respect however the INC hierarchies ensured that the soldiers do not get any position in the army or even the government and were left to suffer. Is this the manner we should have treated those freedom fighters and those women who fought against the might of victorian imperialism despite knowing less chances of winning? We as people couldn’t do much back then, but now is the time we revive the legacy of Bose who gave his all just to see his beloved nation set free from the yoke of imperialism.

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